The training level and expertise is what sets us apart and gives us the ability to give the best customer support in the industry.  Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help minimize downtime by giving customer support over the phone, via email, and in person.  We know that our customers need more than just price and availability, which is what they have come to expect from Fluid Power Solutions.

Placing an Order with Fluid Power Solutions

At Fluid Power Solutions we try to make it as easy for our customers as possible to place an order.  You can call, fax, or email an order to us and we pride ourselves on getting the order in as fast as possible to keep our customers satisfied.

If you have any questions feel free to contact customer service at 614.777.8954.

Warranty Information

Fluid Power Solutions extends the product warranty of the manufactures we represent.  Products and services produced or provided by Fluid Power Solutions are warranted for a period of six months after installation date, and up to one year from date of shipment.  The warranty is limited to the original products and workmanship, and is not extended to supplemental equipment or loss time situations.

Fluid Power Solutions reserves the right to inspect the equipment for conditions that have occurred and may be related to the failure of the component.

Credit Application

Download our credit application form below and fax it back to us at 614-777-8640.

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