Lesch Battery carries top-performing Discover Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries for medical-mobility applications. The Discover line includes the most widely used motorized wheelchair/scooter batteries. We also have immediate access to hard-to-find medical-mobility batteries.

Count on Discover SLA batteries for reliability, quality, long service and shelf life. With leak-proof construction, Discover SLA batteries are easily transported even by air without any special precautions or containers.

Discover AGM batteries offer higher power density due to special assembly technology. Low internal resistance allows a discharge rate of over 10 times the rated capacity of the battery.

Our line of advanced deep-cycle AGM batteries features thick plates, high-density active material and stronger acid for much longer life. Discharged 50- to 80 percent, the advanced AGM will last 500-600 life cycles. Ideal for medical-mobility equipment.

We can help you find the replacement battery you need quickly, and at an affordable price. Call us at 419-884-0219 or use the Battery Finder to send us an email.